Policy discussions

The City Planning Commission will consider the June 8th draft revision of the City’s Subdivision Regulations on a date TBA in 2022.

This meeting is vital for the future of land use in New Orleans.

See more information about the subdivision regulations update, including the text of the regulations and an analysis of the revised regulations by Jeffrey Seymour of the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association.

Recent subdivision applications in and around Carrollton


Properties we’re watching

A subdivision request has not yet been filed for the following item(s).

  • 6036-38 Camp (Bancroft Property Investments)—On November 3, the HDLC approved the demolition of the contemporary annex to this single-story shotgun (dated c. 1900). The roof of the original building will be partially demolished to accommodate a camelback. Owner Sam Solomon intends to apply for a subdivision of the 64×142 lot; he will then construct a second camel-backed house. Total number of bedrooms: 10; total off-street parking places: 1.
  • 1441 State Street (Butler Brown development)—located on a 10,980-sf lot, enough for three two-family lots fronting Garfield. Demolition of the non-contributing building currently on this site was approved by the HDLC on August 4, 2021. BB is currently planning to build a $4.5M single-family house on this lot.

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