Report a zoning violation

Identifying the violation

If you suspect a zoning violation in the neighborhood, first check the property address at the OneStop app of the Department of Safety and Permits (DSP) to confirm whether or not a permit has been issued for the kind of work that’s been observed on the property.

If no permits are listed, proceed with your complaint.

Submitting the violation report

Submit a complaint at:

Only a single photo may be uploaded along with your complaint. Stating your name is optional. You may also submit your complaint in an email to, attaching several photos.

Or write us at, and we’ll submit the complaint for you. Please include a photo of the violation.

Then you may track the status of the violation on OneStop.

Tracking (and troubleshooting) the violation

If the violation has not been registered on OneStop within a few business days of your report, contact DSP’s Zoning Administration Division at (504) 658-7125 or call Director Tammie Jackson at (504) 658-7100. You may also write again to More contact information.

Important note: some commercial email domains such as Hotmail are automatically blocked by the City’s servers. (Gmail usually works.)

Inspection delays are very common.

A list of zoning violations in and around the university neighborhood was forwarded to Tammie Jackson, Director of the Department of Safety and Permits, in December 2020. There was no response. On April 7, 2021, a revised version of the list was sent to Councilman Joe Giarrusso, III, to be presented to Code Enforcement.

Did you know…?

Use the Property Viewer (link to City website) to determine the zoning of a given address.

See the Guidelines for Building Permits (.pdf) from the Department for Safety and Permits for a quick review of the kind of work that requires (and does not require) a building permit. Includes the helpful reminder that a contractor may not start work before a permit has been issued—and “clearly and visibly” posted on the work site.

Violation types

Following are some violation types that appear as categories on the DSP “report a violation” submission form.

(1) Zoning violations

Common zoning violations in Carrollton—a Historic Urban Residential District (HU–RD) (link to the CZO) include:

Paving the front yard

Front yards may not be fully paved. The maximum impervious surface in a front yard is 40%. (The exceptions are grandfathered uses.)

See the CZO, Art. 11, Table 11-2A: Residential Districts Bulk & Yard Regulations (link to the CZO).

Parking in the front yard

Yes, this is a zoning violation. Parking is prohibited in the front yard. More specifically, parking pads are not allowed in front yards.

(2) Working without a permit

A work permit must have been issued by DSP before the work can begin. If work has begun when the permit application has been submitted (but the permit has not yet been issued)—the owner (or their contractor) is in violation and should be reported under the violation type “working without a permit.”

(3) Unpermitted construction dumpster in the street

A permit is required for dumpsters parked on public property. (Dumpsters parked on private property do not require a permit.) This is a very common violation. More information here at the City’s website.

[More to come.]

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  1. The old Walgreens on the corner of St. Charles and Broadway does not have the correct licensing. They are converting a pharmacy that sold liquor into a liquor store (no pharmacy). This is against code and is not good for the neighborhood.

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