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A “D2D” is defined as a property that has been structurally reconfigured to maximize the number of bedrooms. Amicus and Preston Tedesco are the main developers of D2Ds. Otherwise, what I call simply “rentals” may not have been structurally altered; but many of them violate zoning anyway with an excessive number of tenants. (Heidenberg Properties is the best example.) But some “rentals” are simply lacking in documentation: Edie Pitt is the prime example of a developer who dispenses altogether with the cumbersome matter of building permits.

This data is current to the best of my knowledge at 12/23/21. See the “Key” below the table for notes.

NumberStreetI/O*Sale dateEntity OwnerPermit
Sale priceConst.
Lost HE?Rental
817–19AdamsI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T06/07/2100/00/21Yes$1,623,300$141,000NoD2DPart of a 6-property off-market purchase. Tedesco/Harmon represent no changes in bedrooms in June 9, 2021 plans; we find an increase (via phony room labels) from 5 to 10 with no additional off-street parking and only one additional bathroom.

Original construction value of $30K (817 alone) has been updated to $141K for 817-819 Adams. The old permit application (Mar. 24, 2021) has been voided.

See 817-819 Adams status for updates.

On July 20, 2021, Tedesco drains the pool into Adams Street. Reported to Safety and Permits, who say (August 17) it's not a violation.
823–23 1/2AdamsI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T03/24/2100/00/21Yes$1,623,300$[60,000]NoD2DTwo non-structural permit applications are currently open—for 823 Adams and 823 1/2 Adams.

Construction value of $30K per permit is too low.

See 823 Adams status for updates.

See 823 1/2 Adams status for updates.

Zoning verification application for 823-823 1/2 Adams, dated March 26, 2021, is still open.

Part of a 6-property off-market purchase.
1128–30AdamsI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T02/08/2107/30/21$891,850$[40,000][?]D2DPart of 5-property off-market purchase.
Tenants were given notice to vacate by 5/2021.
Tedesco continued to violate stop work order of June 24 throughout the summer. Permit was issued on July 30. Construction value of $40K is too low. Building permit violation fine: $640
1134AdamsI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T02/08/2107/30/21$891,850$[25,000][?]D2DPart of 5-property off-market purchase.
Tenants were given notice to vacate by 5/2021.
Tedesco continued to violate stop work order of June 24 throughout the summer. Permit was issued on July 30. Building permit violation fine: $490
1136–38AdamsI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T02/08/2107/30/21$891,850$[40,000][?]D2DPart of 5-property off-market purchase.
Tenants were given notice to vacate by 5/2021.
Tedesco continued to violate stop work order of June 24 throughout the summer. Permit was issued on July 30. Building permit violation fine: $490.
Construction value of $40K is too low.
927AdamsI07/17/19 Edie K. Pitt P$232,500Unknown[?]Student rental
1019AdamsI12/08/16 Isabella B. PittP$350,000Unknown[?]Student rentalBedrooms increased from 3 to 7 in 2019—though work was permitted for bathroom installation only.
636–40AudubonI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T03/01/2100/00/21Yes$1,006,000$[150,000]NoD2DPlans add 3 bedrooms (for a total of 14, with 9 bathrooms) and 3 parking places for a total of 9. Unclear whether there is actually enough room for additional parking.

See the 636-40 Audubon current status.

Part of a 2-property off-market purchase; with 7534 Burthe and 825 Hillary.
812–14AudubonI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T05/05/2100/00/21Yes$4,141,850†$[100,000]NoD2DPermit describes 14 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

See the 812-14 Audubon current status. Needs zoning verification and fire marshal approval.

This is part of a 3-property off-market purchase together with 1415-17 Audubon and 2003–05 Pine.
1415–17 AudubonI09/30/20700B8, LLC H/T04/16/2108/09/21No$4,141,850†$[40,000]NoD2DProject description claims no new bedrooms will be added. **But plans show each unit has three bedrooms and two extra rooms.**

Part of a 3-property off-market purchase together with 812-14 Audubon and 2003–05 Pine.
924AudubonI06/03/13 Daniel HeidenbergHPG$320,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with 5 bedrooms in a single-family house.
924AudubonI06/03/13 Daniel HeidenbergHPG$320,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with 5 bedrooms in a single-family house.
1436AudubonI02/27/15Daniel HeidenbergHPG$550,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with seven bedrooms; no work permits on file.
621BroadwayI02/26/19Amicus CV Borrower, LLC (A)A$850,000$493,000NoD2DPlans show 13 bedrooms in three units, while Amicus website advertises 12. Violates CZO with one extra bedroom.
631BroadwayI01/20/20Amicus CV Borrower, LLC (A)A$818,000$322,000NoD2DAmicus's original renovation plans (12 bedrooms) halted by BZA decision of 1/11/21. Number of bedrooms was limited to 7.

The second BZA appeal concerning viability of parking lot plan was denied by the BZA at the 5/17/21 hearing. Amicus will therefore will permitted to add three new bedrooms (for a total of 10) to this building. Neighbors contend the driveway is too narrow and the parking lot too small for reasonable use; and two of the new parking places simply replace two grandfathered spaces.

Parking plan was the subject of a zoning verification request (filed 3/12/21), project number 21-0298.

Amicus is advertising availability by August, 2021, asking $3K for a 2-bedroom unit (link to Zillow).
1409 BroadwayI09/13/19Amicus CV Borrower, LLC (A)A$640,000$346,000NoD2DUnder construction.

After a year-long battle via the BZA and the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, the use of this building was reclassified (using the same work permit) as two-family with 8 bedrooms total. But 2 additional bedrooms from the original multi-family plan have been merely renamed and will, we predict, be used (sub rosa) as bedrooms 9 and 10.

Work has resumed; new plans (dated Jan. 22, 2021) were submitted for two-family use and the work permit was updated (Feb. 25, 2021) rather than re-issued, thus avoiding governance by the IZD.

At the BZA hearing of 5/17/21, neighbors argued for the issuance of a new permit. This would compel Amicus to provide four new off-street parking places (for bedrooms 5-8) per the IZD. The appeal was denied.

The first BZA appeal for 1409 Broadway was covered by WDSU-TV Ch. 6 on Aug. 5, 2020.
1701BroadwayI08/17/18EN St Marks West LLC (N)EN$850,000$493,000NoStudent rentalNine bedrooms in a single-family house. Occupied by nine students. Violation.
700BroadwayI08/15/19700B1, LLCH/T$2,000,000†[?]No?5-plex; purchased off-market.
1533BroadwayI09/18/20700B9, LLC H/T$921,300NAYesD2DIllegal basement apartment installed in Jan. 2021. Three student tenants moved in on 1/23/21. DSP issued zoning violation letter on 2/25/21. Plans submitted ex post facto on 3/31/21 show three bedrooms as already existing; adds kitchen [!] and laundry-room. Note: This is a permit application for work that has already been completed.
1629BroadwayI04/13/20700B5, LLCH/T$637,500$[115,500]YesD2DPossibly two extra bedrooms on the ground floor in addition to four bedrooms on each of two upper floors.
1720BroadwayI04/29/21700B12, LLC H/T?$625,000[?]YesD2DOff-market purchase. Former owner had a half-exemption. No work permit application yet.
1601BroadwayI07/10/20700B7, LLCH/T10/08/2007/08/21Yes$900,000†$[80,000]NoD2DAka 7115 Birch; original projected completion, 3/31/21. Construction value at $80K is too low. Zoning verification letter issued on 5-7-21 confirming established multi-family use of 4 units.

And see the 1601 Broadway structural renovation ps at July 8. The permit issued on July 8; a BZA appeal must be filed within 45 calendar days from this date.
1613-15BurdetteI04/03/19SC4 PropertiesH/T$300,000*[?][?]?Purchased off-market; purchaser paid in excess of $300K.
7305-07-09-11 BurtheI09/12/19Amicus Subsidiary B, LLC (A)A$665,000$655,000YesD2DSold by Amicus CV Borrower to Amicus Subsidiary B LLC in Feb. 2021. Amicus built a new structure (7309–11 Burthe) in the traditional sideyard of the original house, 7307 Burthe: (a) without application for subdivision of lot; and (b) with a deficiency of 200 sf for a new two-family house. BZA appeal filed by a neighbor on 8/4/20 was not docketed.
7612–7614BurtheI12/17/19Amicus CV Borrower, LLC (A)A$411,000$352,000NoD2DCurrently under construction, this 19th-c. structure has been elevated above the tout ensemble of the block. Period details (i.e., Classical Revival front doors and transoms; and original window frames) have been replaced with functional substitutes or removed entirely (mantelpieces and chimneys).

Architect's plans dated 1/2/20 show 10 bedrooms while the structural renovation permit application listed 8; the revised plans of 9/16/20 show 8 bedrooms plus 2 “TV rooms.”

Maintain oversight to ensure that Amicus does not renovate and use/rent these 2 rooms as bedrooms.

BZA appeal by neighbors failed re governance by University Area IZD. A lawsuit was filed on March 18, 2021, to appeal the BZA decision. At a hearing on the merits on June 2, 2021, Judge Irons ruled in favor of the BZA and the DSP, citing the confusion of the City Hall cyberattack and COVID-19 precautions to explain the CIty's lapses in procedure. Per Judge Irons' ruling, the IZD does not apply to this house, which will contain at least 4 new bedrooms (total of 8) and no additional off-street parking.
7416–18 1/2BurtheI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T03/01/2100/00/21Yes$1,623,000$[160,000]NoD2DAs of June 5, the house has been vacated.

Part of 6-property off-market purchase. Structural renovation permit application describes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms; full gut and exterior stair. (Actual number of bedrooms is TBD.)

Fire marshal's approval is required. See the 7616-18 Burthe print summary at 5-23-21.
7534BurtheI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T12/14/2000/00/21Yes$1,006,000$[50,000]NoD2DPermit has not yet issued. Owner has applied for non-conforming use (for multifamily dwelling).

S&P issued stop-work order on 1/11/21 (for working without a permit). House contains four one-bedroom units, but neighborhood intel has it that the upstairs will be converted into a four-bedroom unit. All tenants have vacated. 825 Hillary is included in parcel.

Part of a 2-property off-market purchase along with 636-638-640 Audubon/7110-12 Hampson.

7534 Burthe Street print summary at 6-4-21. This permit (and the construction value) covers just one of the apartments (upstairs, on the downtown side).
7219BurtheI10/26/167219 Burthe Street, LLCH/T11/12/1900/00/21No$650,000†$275,000NoStudent rentalNot yet renovated per posted plans; bought off-market.
See the 7219 Burthe print summary at 5-23-21.
7414A–BBurtheI09/16/19700B3, LLCH/T$495,000$382,000YesD2DFour bedrooms in original house at 7414A Burthe; 5 bedrooms in new construction (7414B) in backyard. A tenant stated in Nov. 2020 that there were 10 students living on the property. Violation.
7520–7522BurtheI12/16/19700B4, LLCH/T$320,000$258,000NoD2DCZO violation at 10 bedrooms; in addition there is a "study" in the plans that may be rented as a sixth bedroom in either unit.
7631-33Burthe I05/30/18 Olivia K. Pitt, et al.P$280,000Unknown[?]Student rental1195 sf Eastlake single cottage with 2 bedrooms was demolished and 4120 sf structure with 4-6 independent living suites constructed. Violation.
7634 Burthe I08/14/96 Edie K. PittP$92,812Unknown[?]Student rentalTwo-family house contains three units. (Violation.) Purchased 1996; alteration in 2014, from 4 to 7 bedrooms.
1025–1027CherokeeI04/26/19Amicus CV Borrower, LLCA$285,000$325,000NoD2DPurchased off-market from attorney Chip Forstall. This was the first of two elevations by Amicus. Upper has 4 bedrooms + “TV room/den”—violation suspected.
809-15CherokeeI02/25/21700B11, LLCH/T12/22/2100/00/21?$1,312,500*$[20,000]NoStudent rental809-815 Cherokee non-structural work permit filed on 12/22/21.

August 6, 2021: Cited for working without a permit: 809-815 Cherokee violation status. Stop-work order was issued on August 9.
837CherokeeI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T00/00/0000/00/00?$1,623,300TBDNoD2DPlans not yet filed. Includes apartments 7420 and 7438 Burthe, vacated by tenants in March 2021—reportedly because Hamide/Tedesco would not remediate problems rather than because their leases had run out. House is cited in R. Cangelosi's volume on Carrollton in N.O. Architecture. Part of a 6-property off-market purchase.
937–939DanteO02/27/19Lucas H. Ehrensing, Jr.; Peter W. EhrensingE$260,000†$211,000[?]?Just finished in July 2021. 7 bedrooms in 2 units. House is cited in R. Cangelosi's volume on Carrollton in N.O. Architecture.
6028FreretO07/20/20Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$845,000NoStudent rental13 bedrooms in structure with two-family [?] use. (Former convent.)
7529-31FreretI12/07/18 Isabella Beech Pitt, et al., Jeffrey H. Pitt, Edie Kelly P$318,000UnknownYesStudent rentalPurchased 2018; alteration, added unit, 2 to 3 bedrooms.
Looks like sf-age has doubled since purchased, but there are only 3 bedrooms in all. Completely gutted and renovated into two units. Permit for siding and windows only. Exceeded scope of permit. Violation.
7620FreretI10/26/99Marilyn Kelly Revocable TrustP$131,250Unknown[?]Student rental
7623-25FreretI11/26/96 Edie P. KellyP$0UnknownYesStudent rentalCamelback added in 2014. Driveway installed without a permit on April 29, 2021.
7631-33FreretI01/15/14 Edie P. KellyP$150,000Unknown[?]Student rentalCamelback added. Alteration from 2 to 4 bedrooms (2014).
7635FreretI08/20/15 Edie PittP$300,000Unknown[?]Student rental
7313–15FreretI07/10/20Orion Group Properties, LLC P/T07/31/2009/17/20No$300,000$196,000YesD2DSee the 7313-15 Freret structural renovation work permit summary.

Zoning violations were reported on March 9. (Inspector's report is inconclusive and contains errors.) This address was permitted for 5 bedrooms. 8 bedrooms suspected. A camelback was added, purportedly for a media room and a study. Violation covered by a WDSU-TV news-story on Feb. 17, 2021.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued on 3/30/31; house was occupied by mid-April. Number of occupants unknown.
7316GreenI12/16/19Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$600,000[?]YesStudent rentalIn violation with seven bedrooms in a single-family house.
7423HampsonI10/06/20700B8, LLCH/T10/28/2000/00/21Yes$1,350,000†$[150,000]NoD2DPlans filed on 10/28/20. 1st floor—7423 Hampson, 2-story unit, 3bd/2 ba; 7429 Hampson, 3bd/2ba; 2nd floor—7427 Hampson, 3bd/1ba [and two living rooms]; 3rd floor—7425 Hampson, 5bd/2ba [and two living rooms].

Needs: NCU confirmation; S&WB approval; fire marshal's approval; signed construction contract; and photographic evidence of existing bedrooms.

See the 7423 Hampson print summary at 5-29-21.
817–819HillaryI10/01/19Amicus Subsidiary B, LLCA$500,000$252,000NoD2DPurchased from Michael Fabre, dba Crescent City Developers, who bought and subdivided the old Ireland House at 925 Burdette in 2020. Sold by Amicus CV Borrower to Amicus Subsidiary B LLC in Feb. 2021. 10 bedrooms in architect’s plans; falsely advertised on Amicus-properties.com as 8. Active CZO violation (5 bds/unit where legal limit is 4/unit).
821-823HillaryI11/15/18821 Hillary LLCA$320,000$[320,000]NoD2DPurchased from attorney Chip Forstall.
1525-27HillaryI09/18/14 Ravi DoddamaniD$440,000$141,000[?]D2DCamelbacked with 1900 sf addition.
820–22 1/2HillaryI12/03/20700B10, LLCH/T06/02/2100/00/21No$1,623,300$[180,000]NoD2DArchitect Loretta Harmon filed a new structural renovation permit on June 2, voiding the old application of March 19.

Details of work permit application filed on June 2, 2021: "Addition to existing 2-family dwelling." (Compare "existing multi-family use" of March 19 application.) Camelback is now 1351 sf. Construction value is now $180,000.

Details of work permit application filed on March 19, 2021; "renovation of existing 3-unit apartment building and new camelback addition [770 sf]." Plans state that bedroom count will be maintained at four. But all bedrooms are very large and may be easily partitioned. This was a violation in progress. Part of 6-property off-market purchase. Needed conditional use approval for footprint expansion. (No longer!) Construction value was $130,000.

See the original (March 19) permit application: 820 Hillary print summary at 5-23-21.

See the new (June 2) permit application: 820 Hillary print summary at 6-2-21

The new plans have not yet been posted to OneStop.

7512JeannetteI03/22/18Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$615,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with seven bedrooms in a single-family house.
7521JeannetteI04/17/17Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$450,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with seven bedrooms in a single-family house.
1025-1027LowerlineI04/22/191025 Lowerline, LLCA$550,000$252,000NoD2D(1) Per architect’s plans, upper unit has 5 bedrooms (CZO violation). (Lower has 4 bds.) (2) Amicus’s website advertises 12 bedrooms in 4 units. This is a two-family house, not a multi-family. Neighbors say there are 2 illegal apartments in the garage. (Amicus applied for a non-conforming use to install an apartment in the garage but was refused permission by DSP in Oct. 2019.)
1320LowerlineI08/26/191320 Lowerline Street, LLCA$850,000$350,000NoD2DTwo extra "studies" in apts. B and C; temp. cert. of occupancy issued on February 1, 2021; COO, March 2, 2021
1531–1533LowerlineI10/19/18SC2 Properties, LLCH/T$410,000$111,000YesD2DProblematic tax assessment was covered by a WDSU-TV news-story on Feb. 17, 2021. (Video starts at timestamp.)
4323–25LoyolaO01/10/184323-25 Loyola, LLC D$547,000$81,000†[?]D2D
3117–3119NashvilleO12/17/193117–19 Nashville, LLCD$430,000$148,000YesD2D
3129–3131NashvilleO05/27/203129-31 Nashville, LLCD$460,000$220,000[?]D2DTen bedrooms in two units; ads published in January 2021 stated that the apartments would be rented as 4 bedrooms to students and as five bedrooms to “a family.” Current status (whether five students are living in either unit—a violation) is unknown.
7708-10OakI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T02/08/2107/30/21Yes$891,850$[25,000]NoD2DPart of 5-property off-market purchase; tenants have been given notice to vacate by 5/2021. Construction value of $25K is too low. See the 7710 Oak print summary at 5-23-21.

City issued violation report on June 24, 2021: 7700 Oak violation at June 24.
7712–14OakI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T02/08/2107/30/21Yes$891,850$[40,000]NoD2DPart of 5-property off-market purchase.
Tenants were given notice to vacate by 5/2021.
Tedesco continued to violate stop work order of June 24 throughout the summer. Permit was issued on July 30.

See the current status: https://onestopapp.nola.gov/SummaryContent.aspx?type=Permit&id=872482.

7624-26OakI03/01/16Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$365,000NANoStudent rentalEight bedrooms in a two-family house. No violation.
2407-09PalmerO06/11/212407 Palmer LLCFC$495,000[?]Yes[TBD][TBD]
2525-27PalmerO11/25/202525 Palmer LLC FC$765,000[?][?]Student rentalStatus unknown. Renovation permit application was submitted in Sept. 2018 under previous ownership, but permit never issued. Also, this house is cited in a WDSU-TV news-story of 2/17/21 as an under-assessed property (video starts at timestamp).
2839PalmerO08/09/19700B2, LLCH/T$245,000†$[116,000][?]D2DPurchased off-market; 550 sf camelback; in violation with five bedrooms—plus a "study" and a second living room—in the single unit; cert. of occupancy, 7/10/20.
2418PalmerO04/17/17Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$400,000$[139,600][?]Student rentalIn violation with six bedrooms in a single-family house; formerly a double shotgun. 6 bedrooms in single-family house. Violation. (Site states under renovation. Check plans.)
2003–05 PineI09/30/20700B8, LLCH/T$4,141,850†TBDNo[TBD]Not yet renovated; part of a 3-property off-market purchase together with 812–814 Audubon and 1415–1417 Audubon.
1615PineI04/20/20700B6, LLCH/T05/22/2000/00/21No$430,000$110,000YesD2DViolation reported (illegal construction). Violation covered by WDSU-TV news-story on Feb. 17, 2021.

Structural renovation permit is still open. The permit was approved on 11/4/20, but has not yet issued. See the current 1615 Pine print summary.

1133PineI12/05/21700B13, LLCH/T$[439,700]TBDNoTBDActual sale price was $1.1M. Discrepancy has been reported to the tax assessor.
1429-31PineI03/31/16Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$555,000[?][?]Student rentalIn violation with seven bedrooms in a single-family house.
1600-02PineI06/28/21Howard B. HeidenbergHPG$535,000[?]YesStudent rentalAdvertised for rent with six bedrooms—zoning violation. (Listed as 1600-1602 Pine.)
921PineI08/20/20Pine and Freret Corner Development, LLCMD$2,383,000$51,145NoD2DOne of four properties purchased from RIverlake.
927-29PineI08/20/20Pine and Freret Corner Development, LLC MD$2,383,000$102,000NoD2DOne of four properties purchased from RIverlake; converted to double
931-33PineI08/20/20Pine and Freret Corner Development, LLCMD$2,383,000$101,290NoD2DOne of four properties purchased from RIverlake; converted to double
935PineI08/20/20Pine and Freret Corner Development, LLCMD$2,383,000$102,030NoD2DOne of four properties purchased from RIverlake; in same parcel with 7222 Freret; work permit issued on March 10, 2021; converted to double
1736PineI10/29/21HMPCO, LLCHMP$850,000NoD2DThis property was sold on Oct. 29, 2021, by S&P Real Estate LLC to HMPCO, LLC.

The following pertains to work completed by S&P Real Estate, LLC. See the 1736 Pine structural renovation work permit summary.

Single-family house has been converted to two family via camelback addition with entrance at 7310 Hickory. Garage was demolished for creation of tandem 2x2 parking pad in rear.

Camelback apartment (with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) was listed on public sites at $3000/month.
2431StateO11/19/19 2431 State Street LLCBK00/00/0000/00/00NA$350,000$568,900NoD2DThree condos, new construction. Total of nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms; and three off-street parking places. Subject of failed BZA appeal by neighbors, August 10, 2020.

2433-35 State (second and third floors) were sold to same buyer in late July 2021 for $1,410,750. 2431 State (on first floor) closed on August 6, 2021, for $720,000.
6108-10WillowO01/06/21Smith/Tolbert LLC CT$555,000[?]YesD2DCurrently under renovation. No permits have been applied for. Five bedrooms in either unit while explicitly marketed to students. Violations in two respects.

* “I” = “located in the IZD” vs.”O” = “located in the [prospective] Overlay”
** The dummy figure “00/00/21” in this column indicates that the permit has not yet issued. (“00/00/00” indicates that no permit is outstanding.) See the Comments column for a link to the latest print summary, which contains details of the permit application.
All bracketed numbers are suspect.
† Estimated.

A = Amicus Properties
BK = Bahram Khoobehi et al.
CT = Craig Talbot
D = Ravi Doddamani
E = Ehrensings
FC = Fred Chiu
HMP=Hayden Ingram, Michael Sanderson, Jr., Patrick Sanderson
HPG = Heidenberg Properties Group
H/T = John P. Hamide/Preston Tedesco
MD = Marley Development—Deb Singer and Haj Langford
N = Eric Nelson
P = Edie Pitt
P/T = Max Perret/Preston Tedesco (dba Orion Group Properties)
TV/T = Sidney Torres V/Preston Tedesco (dba S&P Real Estate)

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