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Meeting result and video coverage

On July 13, 2021, the New Orleans City Planning Commission voted to deny a recommendation of the new University Area Off-Street Parking Overlay.

The final staff report is due at the City Council by July 24. The City Council then has sixty days in which to vote on the Overlay. The Overlay would succeed and extend the boundaries of the University Area IZD, which will end on Sept. 17, 2021.

Timestamps for Docket 044-21:

Presentation at 00:08:36–00:41:05

Public comments at 02:07:02

Deliberation/decision at 02:40:15–02:53:51


Transcript of Docket 044-21 (.pdf) — unofficial/uncertified transcript produced by Town of Carrollton Watch.

Public comments July 13, 2021 — Excel file provided by the CPC; contains comments for the entire meeting agenda.

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Send a public comment to the City Planning Commission (CPC)

The creation of a new “University Area Off-Street Parking Overlay District” is the first item (Docket No. 044-21) on the CPC meeting agenda on Tues., July 13, 2021.

Public comments must be submitted during the meeting by the electronic submission form. They should be submitted as early as possible, starting at 1:30 p.m. (The end of the comment period—at the end of the 30-minute recess—varies from meeting to meeting.) Comments will be read aloud at the meeting for two minutes each.

Links to the meeting video (via Granicus or YouTube) and additional information.

Scope/intent of the meeting

The July 13 meeting addresses the “preliminary CPC staff report” on the new Overlay, issued July 6, 2021.

The CPC recommends denial of the Overlay. Within sixty days of receiving the final staff report—due from the CPC on July 24, 2021—the City Council will vote on the Overlay.

The new Overlay would succeed the the University Area IZD and would greatly expand its territory. (See the map below.)

Enacted on March 5, 2020, the University Area IZD terminates on Sept. 17, 2021. Interim zoning districts (IZDs) are temporary emergency measures by definition, per http://czo.nola.gov/Article-19#19-1.

The Overlay would make the University Area IZD a permanent district.

The area of jurisdiction would also be increased by about three miles, according to the staff report. A text description of the proposed new boundaries is available on the July 13 Meeting Agenda.

And see the map below. (The boundaries of the Overlay are still a subject of debate and may be treated in your comment: for example, some neighbors would like the area extended to include Jefferson Avenue.)

Dark yellow area = current bounds of the University Area IZD (expires Sept. 17, 2021)
Light yellow area = proposed boundaries of the University Area Off-Street Parking Overlay District

Writing a comment in support of the Overlay

The CPC’s staff of urban planners are recommending denial of the Overlay, just as they advised against the approval of its predecessor, the University Area IZD, in March 2020.

It would be a good idea to comment on/criticize some single aspect of the preliminary staff report. But if you don’t have time to study the report (issued only on July 6), you might write about how you’re affected in daily life by this basic problem—the increase in unregulated density in the historic neighborhoods of New Orleans without any improvements in infrastructure or provisions for off-street parking.

So you could say, for instance, that you can’t find parking near your house and have to carry your groceries an extra block from the car; that there is always trash piled up on the sidewalks or garbage cans left in the streets; or that you have noise complaints, etc. (Of course, for many neighbors this list is an understatement.)

It’s the kind of personal illustration that has an important emotional value/impact.

Otherwise, a plain statement like this would get the point across: “I am a resident of an historic neighborhood affected by intensive overdevelopment and I support the new Overlay.”

Please write us at contact@townofcarrolltonwatch.org with questions or comments.